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Wagtail Localize

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Wagtail Localize is a translation plugin for the Wagtail CMS. It allows pages or snippets to be translated within Wagtail's admin interface. It also provides integrations with external translations services such as Pontoon or DeepL, and importing/exporting translations with PO files.

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Wagtail Localize requires the following:


Install using pip:

pip install wagtail-localize

Add wagtail_localize and wagtail_localize.locales to your INSTALLED_APPS setting:

    "wagtail_localize.locales",  # This replaces "wagtail.locales"


For support, please use GitHub Discussions or ask a question on the #multi-language channel on Wagtail's Slack instance.


Many thanks to all of our supporters, contributors, and early adopters who helped with the initial release. In particular, to The Mozilla Foundation and Torchbox who sponsored the majority of the initial development and Wagtail core's internationalisation support.